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Traveled To Selangor Without Authorization? The Police Are Coming For You.

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Traveled To Selangor Without Authorization? The Police Are Coming For You.

With Raya just around the corner, we’ve been seeing our social media feeds populated with photos of jammed highways and long queues at roadblocks. This is unsurprising because many are still attempting to make their interstate journeys back home in time for the celebration – and to do so you need authorization from the police.

Unfortunately, the police are no longer providing this authorization so it’s too bad for those who didn’t manage to get it in time. In terms of figures, however, compliance seems to be at a reasonable level. In Selangor alone, 118,852 vehicles passed through 14 roadblocks – and only 2,400 or so were forced to turn around. More bad news – if you attempt this without authorization, you are going to get a summons (and be told to turn around).

But that’s not why we’re here today. The biggest news is that the police will be roaming around Selangor and checking the number plates of vehicles – especially in residential areas – to make sure that no illegal interstate travellers have popped up over here. They can cross check the license plates with the permitted list of vehicles from those who applied for authorization.

That being said, we wouldn’t be too worried if you happen to own a car in Selangor that doesn’t wear Selangor plates. It’s fairly easy to check the registration of the vehicle and to compare and contrast the owner’s registered address to the address that the car is parked at. Just try to make sure that your details are up to date on your IC and registration documents, and you should be fine.

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