VIDEO: Is Dubai Littered With Thousands Of Abandoned Exotic Luxury Cars?

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VIDEO: Is Dubai Littered With Thousands Of Abandoned Exotic Luxury Cars?

Dubai. It’s a lavish place, it’s a beautiful place, it’s also a very warm place. It’s also full of riches, or those with it, living under a system that criminalizes not paying your debts – meaning you’ll go to jail if you don’t cough up the cash, with many owners choosing freedom over their expensive vehicles. Or so it seems.

We can’t prove whether what the video below claims is true or just sensationalism, but if there is a place that something like this is even plausible, it’s Dubai.

This could lead us to the strange circumstance where very valuable, often rare cars are just left to rot under the searing sun after their financially-stricken owners flee the country to avoid a prison sentence. Just because you can drive away with a Ferrari from the showroom doesn’t necessarily mean you can keep up with the payments each month. Such is the case there - many of them, apparently.

It's unclear to us whether this policy to label defaulters as criminals stem from a clause in Sharia law (as it claims in the video) or the law of the land in the United Arab Emirates' federal government. Either way, the result, if true, leads to all these fine machines left to collect dune dust in the punishing Middle Eastern heat. A sight to make any car-lover wince.

Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs - all left to, essentially, just rot away. 

The video claims that Dubai police estimates around 3,000 luxury cars are abandoned in airport parking lots each year. Yes, there are a lot of empty stretches of land around Dubai and even the vast expanse of the Rub' al Khali desert to the southwest, but where exactly do these cars all end up?  

Just have a look at the video. 

Dubai's streets are littered with abandoned sports cars.

Posted by Vocativ on Friday, July 3, 2015


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Jim Kem

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