VIDEO: Is This The Next-Generation Of Public Transportation?


VIDEO: Is This The Next-Generation Of Public Transportation?

Thorstin Crijns, a Dutch engineer, has plans to reinvent public transportation as we know it.

Thus far, quadcopter drones are largely been used for new-age videography, or for the average hobbyist to muck around with.

Thorstin here, has seemingly slapped a bunch of them together, and is on his way to turning it into a personal flying machine! You can see him in the video below getting some serious air under himself with the machine he simply calls, "Autonomous Human Transport". Check out his website here:

Never mind Lexus’s hoverboard, which was cool, but depended on the earth beneath it to be magnetically charged. The quadrocopter uses air propulsion, of course, and can go anywhere it wants to.

The drone is powered by lithium-ion battery cells, and we count up to 20 propellers (five on each end) used here. Controlling it all via his smartphone, Thorstin’s  has only been able to hold passengers in the air for up to 10 seconds at a time (presumably because the batteries run out), for now, and being the realist he is, he openly admits that full-on taxi rides are far from reality at the moment.

Still, Thorstin has plans for his flying machine to one day take over from taxis as we know it. Using smartphones to call for it, he’s designing his quadrocopter to be able to fly in, arrive, pick up passengers, and transport them immediately to their destinations – no traffic included, of course.

Hopefully, those propeller blades get covered up by the time it all comes to fruition.

Are Drones The New Ubers?

Drones could be the new "flying taxis"

Posted by NowThis on Thursday, 13 August 2015


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