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Was This The Worse Day In The World For This Ferrari 458 Italia Owner?

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Was This The Worse Day In The World For This Ferrari 458 Italia Owner?

For this unlucky Ferrari 458 Italia owner, it was really an “out of the frying pan and into the fire” moment that saw him receive a summon that listed three road separate offences.

According to the Trafik KL Facebook page, the exotic supercar had unfortunately ran out of petrol while on the Mahameru highway, causing a disruption in traffic flow. Soon, a police officer arrived at the scene and concluded that it was the driver’s fault for not ensuring that the 4.5-litre V8 engine in his Ferrari 458 was constantly fed with sufficient petrol from the fuel tank to keep it going. Strike one.

Following that, the same police officer also noticed that the vehicle’s registration plates at the front and back were both illegal in nature as they did not follow the regulations set by our Road Transport Department (JPJ). Strike two and three there.

[UPDATE] Thanks to Facebook user Abdul who provided this photo that shows the beautiful blue Ferrari receiving some petrol to help get it going again.

It’s also funny to note how it says on item number two, “No. pendaftaran hadapan fancy” which for our non-Bahasa Malaysia speaking readers, translates to: Fancy registration plate at the front.

It just goes to show that no matter what car we drive, constant vigilance on the amount of fuel in our tanks is important to ensure not just that we reach our destination comfortably but also to avoid unwanted and shall we say, embarrassing situations like this.

Also, if you’re thinking of standing out from the crowd with unique number plates, we really think you should reconsider after this too.

Image(s) source: Trafik KL Facebook page

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