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10 Most searched used car brands in Malaysia in 2022 - guess who didn't make the top 10


10 Most searched used car brands in Malaysia in 2022 - guess who didn't make the top 10

We list down the top 10 most searched used car brands

If there's one thing true about Malaysians – it's that we love our food and our cars.

Malaysia is actually ranked the third highest in the world in terms of car ownership; a whopping 93 per cent of Malaysian households at least own one car, and a substantial 54 per cent of households have two cars. These statistics are from Nielsen Global Survey completed in 2014, since then, over three million new vehicles have hit Malaysian roads.

With the resources of our in-house developed iCarData, we can collate data from literally thousands of used vehicle deals, pinpoint our search down to a single model or variant and observe market trends and overall demand over several years across geographical locations. 

From Carlist's data, we've ranked the most searched used car brand by Malaysians online in 2022. Although this might seem like a straightforward conclusion, you'd be surprised by the results.

10. Nissan

Nissan Malaysia

Although Nissan has gone off the radar a little in recent years, they make great cars on the back of decades of experience. They gained popularity through their reputation for making innovative, reliable, high-quality cars.

In Malaysia, the Nissan nameplate has been around since 1957, when Tan Chong & Co, a partnership of the Tan brothers, was appointed the sole distributor of Nissan/Datsun in Malaysia. A little fun fact: Nissan was the first Japanese car sold in Malaysia.

9. Volkswagen

Volkswagen Malaysia

Volkswagen has been around in Malaysia since the 1950s when a local company started importing and selling the iconic Beatle. Since then, Volkswagen has been a household name in Malaysia, but it was in 2008 that things really started taking off for VW in Malaysia in the modern day.

Malaysians caught the VW bug because they started offering value for money German cars that ticked all the right boxes. They were technically advanced, built well, comfortable and relatively luxurious. Spearheaded by the Mk5 Golf GTi in 2008, it practically set up VW's image in Malaysia, where they offer modern and dynamic cars at an affordable price.

8. Porsche

Porsche Malaysia

We're not surprised that Porsche is on this list, but considering it sits in the top 10 instead of the top 20 says a lot about our affinity for the high-performance sports car, SUV and sedan manufacturer. 

Although it's no longer strange that many Malaysians look towards their SUVs instead of their sports cars for Porsche ownership (because the Cayenne practically saved Porsche from bankruptcy in the modern day), it was actually the incredible Porsche 911 that built the brand. 

Not only did its design and driving dynamics win the hearts of many, but it was the fact that it was a sports car that could be driven daily that got people hooked on to it. This reputation trickled down to all their cars and is the cornerstone of the brand.

7. Mazda

Mazda Malaysia

When Mazda set off to turn the Zoom-Zoom company into a fully-fledged luxury car manufacturer, it basically wanted to join Lexus in giving people a credible alternative to the traditional mainstream premium.

By building beautiful-looking cars and upping the interior design and quality, they gave buyers the option to own a premium Japanese car without such a hefty price tag

They built their reputation around cars like the MX-5, Mazda3, and CX-5 but have now expanded their line-up full of fun-to-drive, economical, and affordable vehicles with a premium feel.

6. Proton

used Proton Malaysia

What can we say about Proton that most of you won't know except that despite their many flaws, they still present Malaysians with affordable and practical cars which tick all the essential boxes. 

Proton's revival in recent years is accredited to the new influx of SUVs in co-operation with automotive conglomerate Zhejiang Geely Holding Group - but there are still people out there who look for older Protons as their low used prices and solid no-frills approach make them attractive for those who need a car to go from point a to point b.

5. BMW

BMW Malaysia

BMW has always been known to produce cars that are fun to drive, and when you add sporty-looking exterior design and driver-focused interior to the mix, you have a winning formula that has become the bedrock of their brand.

One of the reasons they are highly sought after is not only because of their good looks and driving dynamics but because they are relatively affordable and easy to maintain, and their used car prices are very reasonable.

4. Perodua

Perodua MalaysiaIt's quite a surprise that Perodua is number four on this list because they are after all, one of the best car makers in the country.

One of the reasons why they are not at the top of the list is the simple fact that people are always looking to go up a notch when looking for their next car, and since their resale value is excellent, prices of used Peroduas and new ones are actually not that far off, which sometimes prompt consumers to purchase the newest Perodua available.

3. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

When people look to buy a luxurious German car, they will usually think of Mercedes-Benz first. This is because many consumers say that owning a Mercedes-Benz is a sign that they have finally made it in life, let it be new or used. 

Prices of new Mercedes-Benz are sometimes quite high, but a two, to three-year old or recon Mercedes-Benz can sometimes make more financial sense which is why it is one of the most searched brands in the used car market.

With a reputation of being prestigious, elegant, reliable and technologically advanced, it's no surprise that most would like to own a Benz, and considering they have an excellent range of cars from hatchbacks to SUVs to limousines, there's always a Mercedes that can fit into one's lifestyle.

2. Honda

Honda Malaysia

Honda has always been a Japanese car manufacturer that has got its styling on point, and this is one of the reasons why the H badge has always done well in Malaysia, as they are considered one of the best-looking cars on the road. 

To say that Hondas are superficially beautiful would be tremendously wrong because on the inside and behind the wheel is also where it excels. With clever packaging, which makes the interior more spacious than it is, and a great balance of driving dynamics, many consumers and families choose Hondas for their ability to be good at most things. Consider it as a car brand that makes vehicles considered to be a jack of all trades.

1. Toyota

Toyota Malaysia

Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest automaker in the world, so it's no surprise that it is also the number one used car brand searched by Malaysians. 

One of the reasons why they are so highly regarded and sought after is because the Japanese company likes to provide its customers with the utmost comfort, let that be in the form of mechanical reliability, after-sales or driving pleasure. 

Yes, their cars might seem boring to some, but a Toyota is an obvious choice if your priorities lie within good resale value and no headache car ownership experience. They also have an array of cars to choose from and are pretty much robust.

What do you guys think? what's your favourite brand, and why do you love them? Leave a comment cause we want to hear your story.

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