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BMW Group To Expand Their European Production Network

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BMW Group To Expand Their European Production Network

With every automotive manufacturer pushing for more and more sales volume with an ever diversifying range, you can expect them to need to expand their production network - even in the case of established manufacturers like BMW. It's not merely plants that need refurbishing but entirely new plants that need to be opened, in anticipation of the high volume of cars they will be producing and delivering in the future with even more complex technologies.

Their latest production site is to be in Hungary, with an investment of 1 billion Euros (RM 4,751,665,844) and a capacity of up to 150,000 units a year, opening up over 1,000 new job positions. The plant is specifically located in Debrecen, which was chosen for a myriad of reasons. Primary among these are its infrastructure, suitable logistics connections, and proximity to their extended supplier network. Last year, BMW Group purchased materials and services from Hungary amounting to around 1.4 billion Euros (RM 6,652,332,181). 

As it's always easier to build a new plant than upgrading an older one, the plant in Hungary is to be state of the art and highly flexible in terms of its production lines. It's to set the new standards for digitalization, sustainability, and flexibility - as is the name of the production game these days - and will be able to manufacturer conventional and electrically powered vehicles on a single production line.

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