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Despite The Pandemic, BMW Group Finished 2020 With Strong Results

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Despite The Pandemic, BMW Group Finished 2020 With Strong Results

Despite the pandemic, BMW says they have done very well in 2020, shattering some records while at it.

Although 2020 must go down as one of the most challenging years the world has experienced, it seems that automotive companies are doing reasonably well, despite the pandemic stricken year.

The latest car manufacturer to declare a positive yearly result is BMW Group. The BMW Group once again confirmed its strong position as one of the world's leading premium automotive manufacturers last year, by selling a total of 2,324,809 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles (-8.4%) worldwide. 

BMW Group of cars

686,069 vehicles were sold at the Group level in the fourth quarter, an increase of three percent (+3.2%) year-on-year. Sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles climbed almost 40 percent (38.9%) compared to the previous year, reflecting strong customer interest in their versatile drivetrains.

BMW X6M50i

Their M division also broke some records, with sales growth of six percent (144,218 vehicles delivered), which coincidently is BMW M GmbH's most successful year in its 50-year history. Strong sales in high-performance models in the X series, including the new X6 M50i, contributed to BMW M's sales success.

BMW Motorrad

Their motorcycle division, BMW Motorrad was also able to deliver 169,272 motorcycles and scooters to customers in 2020 and achieved the second-best sales figures in its history. It was probably helped by the introduction of thirteen new models as well as the strong BMW Motorrad product portfolio.

According to BMW Group, the positive figures are also a direct result of many different strategies and good demand for many of their various vehicles.

BMW Digitalisation  
The BMW Group systematically pushed ahead with digitalisation last year: Sales representatives in more than 60 markets are now able to advise customers and sell vehicles regardless of their location. They can configure vehicles together using a shared screen, for instance, or give customers a live demonstration of the cars they have in stock.

Some parts of the successful 2020 despite the many retail restrictions that came through; 

  • Strong performance by models in the high-end luxury segment,
  • Sales of electrified vehicles up more than 30 percent, demonstrating growth in electromobility 
  • MINI ELECTRIC and John Cooper Works models especially in high demand
  • Rolls-Royce Motor Cars: remarkable performance in an extraordinary year
  • BMW Motorrad posts second-best sales figures in its history
  • Strong BMW & MINI sales in the regions/markets such as China and South Korea
BMW Group sales in Q4/YTD December 2020 at a glance
  4th Quarter 2020 Compared with previous year %


December 2020

Compared with previous year %
BMW Group Automotive 686,069 +3.2% 2,324,809 -8.4%
BMW 600,799 +4.3% 2,028,659 -7.2%
BMW M GmbH 43,568 +6.2% 144,218 +5.9%
MINI 84,165 -3.7% 292,394 -15.8%
BMW Group electrified 76,246 +55.0% 192,646 +31.8%
Rolls-Royce 1,105 -20.7% 3,756 -26.4%
BMW Motorrad 39,673 +3.8% 169,272 -3.4%


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