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CarTell x UMW Grantt Lubricants - CarTell Gymkhana Vol. II

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CarTell x UMW Grantt Lubricants - CarTell Gymkhana Vol. II

Shah Alam Stadium's W2 Car Park was once again the host of smoke and screeching tyres as many new and returning participants were eager to test their cars and themselves out on CarTell Gymkhana Vol. II brought to you by UMW Grantt Lubricants. 

The CarTell Gymkhana Vol. II brought to you by UMW Grantt Lubricants saw an array of old and new cars and youth and experienced drivers battling it out on the circuit to get the best time of the day. 

CarTell Gymkhana by UMW Grantt Lubricants

Due to overwhelming demand and feedback from the inaugural event back in March, Vol. II upped the participant count to 40, allowing more space for competitors. Participants were also classified under either the Showroom or Prepared class to make the battle even more competitive. The Showroom class featured cars that are stock standard, while the Prepared category was for modified cars.

Although agile and rear-wheel-drive cars such as the Toyota GT86, Subaru BRZ and an array of BMWs were to be expected, it was the surprising participation of drivers with unconventional cars such as a Mercedes-Benz W124, 4th-Gen Lexus LS460, Proton X70, and Proton Iswara that caught many off guard. 

CarTell Gymkhana Vol 2

It really did highlight that CarTell's gymkhana is for everyone, regardless of the vehicle.

If CarTell Gymkhana Vol. I was all about feeling out the circuit, Vol. II certainly had the sense of a never-say-die attitude to it.

As expected from a motorsport event that takes cars to their limits, many drivers carried out on-the-spot repairs instead of calling it a day. Some participants really did go out of their way to get their cars through the day, even visiting tyre shops during the lunch break to get their cars ready for the second heats. 

When a high amount of stress is run through a car's engine during a gymkhana, the right choice of lubricant is paramount to ensure that the vehicle survives the stresses of a gymkhana and you can also drive it home later. This is the main reason why CarTell has continued its partnership with UMW Grantt Lubricants, as it is the most logical choice for the organisation of this gymkhana. 

Mohd Asri Jusoh, General Manager of UMW Grantt International Sdn Bhd

En. Zairi Noor Md Jana, Head of Sales, UMW Grantt International Sdn Bhd said that "Grantt Lubricants will serve you well in your daily driver or even your gymkhana vehicle. Grantt has ticked the boxes of the highest international standards and surpassed the stringent American Petroleum Institute (API) and European Automotive Manufacturers Association (ACEA) requirements."

Mitch Chong, CarTell Gymkhana Vol 1

Winner of CarTell Gymkhana Vol. I, Mitch Chong set the standard in his Mazda MX-5, recording the top time of the day of 46.17.

The top three for the Showroom class were:

CarTell Gymkhana Volume 2

1. Chiang Fong Shen - 49.458 (Toyota GT86)

2. Tan Ju-Ho - 52.264 (Subaru BR-Z)

3. Visnu - 54.416 (BMW E39 530i)

The top three for the Prepared class were:

CarTell Gymkhana Prepared class

1. Kang Chin Wan - 46.237 (Honda CR-Z)

2. Kuhan  - 48.703 (Mercedes-AMG A45)

3. Kook Chee Hong - 49.159 (Subaru BR-Z)

Next gymkhana, or track day? Make sure you join the CarTell community at: to keep yourselves informed and take part.

Don't forget to also keep up to date with UMW Grantt Lubricants for more events and promotions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Youtube @umwgranttlube














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