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CONFIRMED: Upcoming Proton X90 will be a mild-hybrid

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CONFIRMED: Upcoming Proton X90 will be a mild-hybrid

We've been talking about the imminent arrival of the new Proton X90 for months now, and we can now confirm that it'll be the brand's first mild-hybrid model.

Reports have showcased that the incoming Proton X90 will be launched in 2023 and it'll be a mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV). As for the timeline, our best-educated guess would be somewhere at the end of the first half of 2023 (possibly May or June). Interesting? Indeed.

2023 proton x90 render the ajerulImage credit: The Ajerul

How do we know that the Proton X90 will be a mild-hybrid model? It all started at the end of 2021 when Proton launched its Gallery of Inspiration at the Centre of Excellence complex (COE). A part of the showcase was a 1.5L TGDi engine with BSG (Belt Start Generator) alongside the powertrains used in the Proton X70 and X50.

We also know that Geely already has the 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine with the addition of an electric motor used in the Geely Okavango model that produces 190PS and 300Nm of torque - the same figures we've been seeing everywhere that mention the upcoming Proton X90, including one of DRB-HICOM's analyst briefings.

2023 proton x90 spy shot

The BSG system in particular uses a belt that's connected to the crank to power the 48V power system and battery. Since the system is a mild hybrid, it'll only help with longer engine shutdowns during coasting as well as giving a slight boost in getting the car rolling again from a standstill thanks to the electric motor's 13hp and 45Nm capabilities.

And no, you can't charge the 48V lithium-ion battery module apart from regenerative braking and the ICE engine itself. The good thing is that it'll definitely give a much-needed fuel consumption improvement to make the upcoming Proton X90 seven-seater SUV a much better purchase prospect.


Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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