Enhanced Touch 'n Go Cards Sold Out Once Again!

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Enhanced Touch 'n Go Cards Sold Out Once Again!

Just as you thought you could grab yourself the newly enhanced Touch ‘n Go card with NFC capabilities, it once again becomes sold out within a matter of hours.

Ever since Touch 'n Go launched its upgraded Touch ‘n Go Card in April, where users can perform card reloads anytime, anywhere from their Touch ‘n Go eWallet app - it has been selling like hotcakes.

NFC card tng

The first batch sold out within hours, and every subsequent batch after also followed suit. But, just as you thought things might have calmed down and that you could finally get yourself one, the newest batch which was made available a few days ago, has also sold out incredibly quickly.

The most recent batch was supposed to be made available in June, but it came earlier than expected. Those who had Touch ‘n Go's eWallet app were prompted about its availability, but within a few hours, the app started to notify users that it was sold out.

new enhanced Tng Cards

Touch ‘n Go's new card retails for RM10, the same amount as the version without NFC. Thanks to NFC technology, it enables users to top up their cards via their mobile devices, which has made it popular.

Ever since its launch, the card has been hard to find, let it be at petrol stations, convenience stores, or even the Touch ‘n Go app itself, as it is out of stock. The lack of stock has also seen some parties resell the card at a much higher price than the original, up to RM100.

If the card comes with a custom sticker, some sell it for up to RM132 each.

Tng card with custom stickers

Although not many sell at this high a price, most sell this card on online trading platforms at a price gap of between RM35 - RM85.

If you don't like the idea of re-sellers selling it at a higher price, you could always just purchase it through the eWallet app when another batch comes in. You would have to be quick about it though because it seems that there is no room for slowpokes, as they are HIGH in demand.

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