Every Little Bit Helps: Salute Abang Delivery


Every Little Bit Helps: Salute Abang Delivery

Apart from family members at home, the only other faces we see at the moment are of those who deliver food to our houses. These food delivery abangs are a saving grace because if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be able to eat a lot of of the tasty food that we have come to like and love. 

In light of this, the whole of Malaysia considers them to as part of the frontline army, and in times like these, Malaysians have come out to show what we do best - to show kindness and appreciation where it is due. 

So here's to our heros on two wheels. 


Here are a couple that we picked up from Twitter showing netizens appreciating our abang delivery in their own ways. One conveyed his appreciation by giving them a lovely thank you note, while the other showed some love by leaving them a tip.


While times are hard for all businesses, some have dug deep and still manage to offer some sort of relief for the overworked food delivery folk. For example, our favourite bubble tea seller, Chatime has provided 5,000 free drinks, while a Thai food restaurant in Johor, Miss Siam is offering Thai Milk Tea to all riders who go through there.


The government is also doing their best to help Malaysians. While most of their efforts have gone into stabilising the economy as well as giving their full support to frontliners at all medical practices, they have not forgotten the little guy. They are currently offering free masks and hand sanitisers to all food delivery personnel.

If we the people who are stuck at home can give any type of support to these delivery folk, we urge you to please do so. Be kind, ask them how they are, leave them a tip, offer them a mask if you have spares. 

Remember, every little helps!

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