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IPSOS: Perodua Is The Most Trusted Brand In Malaysia

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IPSOS: Perodua Is The Most Trusted Brand In Malaysia

IPSOS Malaysia’s recently concluded Annual Trust Index Study finds that Perodua and Petronas are tied for the first position, as the most trusted brands in Malaysia.

The study has shown that companies with high consumer trust are “organizations that take actions which are authentic, credible, and effective are the most likely to see reputation gains, while at the same time have the greatest impact on the community,”

Perodua MyviMore than ever, in the time of a global pandemic, consumers and the general public are inclined to believe advertising and try products from organizations that are trusted. IPSOS expands, “Trust is the outcome when stakeholders compare the elements such as identity and image with the reality of an organizations’ behaviour and capabilities. Where the promise matches or exceeds the reality,”

Trusted companies also reportedly spend less on marketing and advertising because they have established a baseline of credibility. These are the Top 5 most trusted brands in Malaysia according to the study

  • Perodua: 74 points

  • Petronas: 74 points

  • KWSP/EPF: 72 points

  • Maybank: 69 points

  • POS Malaysia: 68 points

Perodua 3S Centre

The study also found that the effects of the pandemic showed an increase in trust level for local and familiar companies and institutions.

On all counts, it’s hard to fault IPSOS’ findings and Perodua’s achievements. The most successful automaker in the country, from the outset, their products always matches or exceed customer’s expectations. A large portion of this is down to the design, capability and overall value of their vehicles, and how well placed, both in terms of pricing cars such as the Axia, Bezza, Myvi, and Aruz are.

Perodua U First App

However, one could argue that selling your customer a good car is only half the story. The aftersales experience and service are what retains a customer for a lifetime. To this end, Perodua has aced aftersales processes and value-added services such as having a good network of 3S centres, App-based service appointment scheduling, and even extended warranty for older cars. Not to mention all Perodua cars are cheap to maintain.

Proton Certified Pre-Owned

Perodua’s neighbour Proton can take a page out of their book as the latter seeks to improve the quality of their sales and service experience with a rapidly expanding service centre network, and other initiatives such as the Proton Customer Appreciation Plan and Certified Pre-Owned service.

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