Lamborghini Urus - More Drive Modes Teased

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Lamborghini Urus - More Drive Modes Teased

Just weeks from its official debut, Lamborghini has teased yet another drive mode of the Urus super-SUV - this time highlighting the vehicle’s “Terra” or “Land” driving mode.

Having previously highlighted the “Sabbia” or Sand drive mode – the Terra drive mode is demonstrated by bashing a Urus test vehicle on dusty gravel roads and rough mountainside paths with sheer drops on either end.

The “Anima” or “Soul” toggle can select six drive modes:

  • Strada – Street
  • Sport
  • Corsa – Race
  • Sabbia – Sand
  • Terra – Land
  • Neve – Snow

The Urus will be powered by (in-house developed) twin-turbo V8 which is expected to produce in the region of 650 hp, with a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version to follow later.

In fact, if one freezes the frame at 9-seconds, it gives a peek at the car's digital-display instrument cluster and 6,750 rpm redline.

The Urus will be will be unveiled on 4th December 2017 at the company’s home in Sant’ Agata, Bolognese.

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