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Maserati Unveils The Grecale SUV - But What We Really Want Is Their Version Of The Porsche Taycan


Maserati Unveils The Grecale SUV - But What We Really Want Is Their Version Of The Porsche Taycan

Maserati's SUV family now gets a new member, the Grecale 2023, a small crossover positioned under the Levante model but can we get an EV coupe or sedan instead? 

Grecale EV, Folgore coming next year

Named in honour of the Mediterranean sea breeze, Maserati offers the Grecale with a conventional ICE powertrain, while an electric version of the Grecale called the Folgore (Folgore means lightning in Italian) expected to arrive next year.

Maserati Folgore

Appearance-wise, the Grecale is unmistakably a Maserati SUV, with an identity that begins with a recessed grille, compact headlights, as well as a roofline resembling a coupe SUV.

The GT variant is powered by a turbocharged 2.0 -litre four-cylinder engine assisted by mild hybrid technology, producing 296 hp and 450 Nm, while the Modena version churns out 325 hp output from the same 2.0-litre engine.

Mean Grecale Trofeo

Maserato Grecale

For those who'd like a more menacing look, the Trofeo variant brings a bolder design, starting with a rather aggressive body kit, wide air intake port openings, and larger wheels.

Apart from its more aggressive look, more importantly, the Grecale Trofeo is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine, producing 523 hp and 620 Nm of torque that comes in fully from 3,000 rpm.

Maserato Trofeo Grecale

The engine allows the Grecale to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 285 km/h.

All engines are mated to an eight-speed ZF sourced automatic transmission, all-wheel-drive system and an electronic LSD on the rear axle.

Four screens in the interior 

Maserati Grecale interior

Interior wise, the Grecale features three screens, starting with a digital meter cluster screen in front of the steering wheel, followed by 12.3-inch and 8.8-inch twin screens in the centre. If you include the interior clock at the dashboard, the Grecale has four screens in total.

For those who are eyeing the EV version, Maserati has unveiled some details regarding the Grecale Folgore, which should come in the exclusive colour of Rame Folgore (a greyish brown looking colour), a battery pack with a capacity of 105 kWh with 400V technology, and an electric motor capable of producing 800 Nm of torque.

Do we really need another super SUV?

Maserati SUvs

So there you have it, Maserati's second SUV, which will come in three different variants, including an EV version next year. Like Porsche, they now have two differently sized SUVs, which begs the question: do they think they can emulate what Porsche has done with their SUVs in terms of sales?

Well, the appeal of Porsche SUVs is that they are somewhat reliable vehicles, just like most Porsches. Yes, they have their problems here and there, but generally, they are quite robust depending on the model.

Porsche Cayenne 1st gen

Porsche was also the first one on the scene to give the world a super SUV, enabling the company to establish strong brand recognition and customer loyalty before the competition entered the arena.

In a world where every manufacturer has an SUV, it will be pretty tough for Maserati to grab a piece of the SUV pie, just like Aston Martin and its DBX SUV are now discovering. A premium manufacturer producing an SUV is not an instant recipe for success. Ask Aston Martin. 

The Maserati Levante has seen declining sales numbers in Europe after hitting peak in 2018. Is another SUV the solution or the Hail Mary that Maserati needs?  

Aston Martin DBX

Instead, we think Maserati should probably concentrate more on their attempt to make a low slung super electric vehicle like the Porsche Taycan, where they can infuse some of that Maserati DNA to good use - they are after all known for their ability to manufacture some of the most exhilarating sedans in the world.

We want Maserati's version of the Taycan!

Maserati Quattroporte EV

But who knows, maybe the Maserati Grecale might just be a sales phenomenon, as unlikely as that seems. It's just another high horse-powered SUV with Maserati's design cues. What we would love to see coming out of Modena, Italy is Maserati's version of the Taycan. Since they know how to build sedans, we're pretty sure they could excel in building an electric sedan. 

Speaking of EV Maseratis, the Italian luxury automaker has announced they are working on an all-electric range of vehicles called Folgore, which will include the introduction of electrified versions of their models including the new generation GranTurismo sports coupe, an electric version of the Levante, and as mentioned earlier, the Grecale. The company said it would offer electric versions of all of its models by 2025 and shift to EV-only sales by 2030.

So perhaps, we will see a Maserati EV sedan after all, it's just a shame it's not now, but instead in a few years' time.

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