Micro-Mobility Vehicle Regulations In Finalisation Phase - Speed Limit Of 25km/h Being Considered

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Micro-Mobility Vehicle Regulations In Finalisation Phase - Speed Limit Of 25km/h Being Considered

Plans are being made to adapt micro-mobility vehicles to suit existing laws and regulations, and one of the considerations is to limit the speed of micro-mobility vehicles to just 25 km/h.

According to Bernama, the government will soon introduce guidelines on the use of micro-mobility vehicles in Malaysia. A proposal from the Town and Country Planning Department (PLANMalaysia) is in its final stages.

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According to PLANMalaysia director-general Alias Rameli, elements such as speed limit, road markings, and specific routes are among those that are being considered.

“The speed limit of micro-mobility vehicles may not exceed 25 km/h, though the vehicle can reach a speed of 50 km/h,” he said.

Alias who believes that the trend of micro-mobility is generally beneficial to the country, said that the use of such vehicles must be adjusted for the safety of other road users. Alias feels regulation is better than outright banning the vehicles as the usage of these vehicles can help reduce carbon consumption.

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Once completed, the guidelines will be tabled to the transport ministry as well as the housing and local government ministry for approval. Despite being in its finalisation phase, Alias did not provide an estimated time for its submission or announcement.

Currently, micro-mobility vehicles such as e-scooters ,mopeds, personal mobility vehicles, and such vehicles have been restricted from being used on public roads. However, the government did not ban these vehicles outright, and assured the public they can still be used in safe and controlled environments such as sidewalks or parks.


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