Nissan Brings Back Blue Interiors With the 400Z

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Nissan Brings Back Blue Interiors With the 400Z

Like it or not, Nissan has decided to offer the 400Z with a blue interior option.

You may be used to the beige interiors of classic luxury cars and the economy cars of yesteryear. You may have a fondness for the dark tones and palettes of more contemporary vehicles. Going a little left field, you may even be familiar with red, white, or brown interiors - usually limited to luxury cars. 

Nissan Brings Back Blue Interiors With the 400Z 240Z interior

But Nissan is bringing back something that's been fairly rare through automotive history - and they're doing it with their upcoming 400Z sports car. Yes, we're talking about a blue interior option (as shown by the spy photo in the cover image) and it actually is an homage to the original 240Z which was offered with a blue interior option as well.

That, or a very elaborate April Fool's joke. Either way, it could prove to have an interesting effect on resale values.

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