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Nissan to Set Up Separate NISMO Unit

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Nissan to Set Up Separate NISMO Unit

It's a little peculiar that Nissan would make a move like this at a time like this, but they have just announced that their NISMO (Nissan Motorsports) division will be set up as a separate unit in order to develop more NISMO products and boost sales for their road cars. 

Does this sound familiar? Yes, some of the more prestigious brands such as Audi and BMW have their Sport and M divisions respectively, but it's a little strange for Nissan to be pushing the NISMO sub brand when they aren't particularly invested in performance cars as a company, outside of the GT-R. The Nissan IDx was shelved before production, the Nissan Silvia died out a long time ago, and the Nissan Fairlady Z doesn't seem to have much of a future. 

As of now, NISMO has a variety of road-going products. The GT-R is the most notable of these, along with the Fairlady Z, Juke, Note, Sentra, and Patrol. We get none of these NISMO variants officially, so there's very little relevance for our market. The new business unit is to work with Nissan Motorsports International on marketing, including the display of NISMO road cars at showrooms and events- again, something that has no value for us. 


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