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ORA Good Cat is an EV that ticks all the boxes - chic, fun, hi-tech! Get to know it at the RHB Drive Premium & EV Roadshow at Bukit Jalil this weekend!

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ORA Good Cat is an EV that ticks all the boxes - chic, fun, hi-tech! Get to know it at the RHB Drive Premium & EV Roadshow at Bukit Jalil this weekend!

Among the prominent EVs contributing to an embrace of EV ownership in Malaysia is the ORA Good Cat, not least due to its style and combination of exciting features, and there’s no perfect opportunity to explore the ORA Good Cat than at the RHB DRIVE Premium & EV Roadshow happening this weekend!

Introduced in November 2022, the ORA Good Cat stands out as a relatively affordable option, with prices starting at RM140,000.

Beyond its relatively accessible price, the car offers exceptional value for money. However, its significance extends beyond being merely a budget-friendly zero emissions hatchback, and offers buyers an interesting proposition.

Looks Like Nothing Else On The Road

Upon initial observation, the ORA Good Cat appears reminiscent of a MINI car, featuring charming soft curves, prominent round LED headlights, and a vibrant color palette. Notably, it incorporates certain design elements inspired by Porsche, particularly evident in the front fascia and the wheels, which bear a resemblance to Porsche's distinctive five-spoke Fuchs wheels but with a unique touch. The rear of the Good Cat showcases a futuristic and sleek appearance, achieved by integrating the brake light bar and turn signal lights seamlessly into the rear windshield.

Eclectic Electric Interior

Upon entering the Good Cat, one immediately recognises its distinctive nature. Firstly, it offers a choice between two-tone interior colours: Green-Grey and Beige-Brown, as well as an all-black interior option. The cabin exudes a sense of sophistication, as the high-touch areas feature premium soft-touch materials.

The car showcases a unified design for both the multi-information display (MID) and infotainment touchscreen, resulting in a combined size of 17.25 inches. This design approach, also employed by luxury automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. Despite adopting a more minimalist layout, the ORA Good Cat includes physical switches for the air conditioning controls, ensuring practicality is not compromised.

For those who appreciate sunroofs, the ORA Good Cat boasts a generously-sized one, allowing ample natural light to permeate the cabin and create an even more spacious and airy atmosphere. Despite being only slightly larger than a Perodua Myvi, the Good Cat surprises with its roomy and inviting interior, giving the impression of a larger vehicle.

An EV That’s Easy To Live With

The ORA Good Cat may not be the most high-performance or luxurious EV available in Malaysia, but it offers a well-rounded package that hits the sweet spot. It combines affordability, comfort, spaciousness, style, and an impressive driving range of 400km on the lower-spec 400 PRO model or 500km on the 500 ULTRA variant.

With its 143PS power and 210Nm torque, the Good Cat provides ample performance for both city and highway driving. Furthermore, its 250L boot capacity can be expanded to 858L by folding the rear seats, enhancing its practicality. Overall, these features make the ORA Good Cat a user-friendly EV that easily caters to the needs of conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) car owners. In fact, it offers comparable practicality and ease of use to popular models like the Myvi, but with superior overall quality.

What Happened To Range Anxiety?

The extensive driving range of the ORA Good Cat ensures that most individuals won't experience range anxiety. With its long-lasting battery that’s rated for up to 500km per full charge (500 ULTRA), you have the option to charge the car once a week, similar to refuelling a traditional vehicle. However, the convenience of charging it overnight at home is a preferable choice.

Even when embarking on a road trip across various regions of the country, the battery is likely to sustain you for the entire journey to your destination. Nevertheless, the availability of more public charging stations along highways makes recharging while en route increasingly convenient.

A Balanced Feline

While the ORA Good Cat is not the initial EV in Malaysia's compact car segment, it encompasses all the essential qualities that appeal to Malaysian drivers. It offers exceptional value, enjoyable city driving experiences, quick adaptability, and an impressive range, setting it apart from other entry-level EVs. In essence, it stands out as the most accessible EV, providing a user experience comparable to that of a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) car.

In contrast to luxury electric vehicles from renowned brands like BMW, Porsche, or Tesla, the ORA Good Cat is within reach for many Malaysians. This accessibility factor is expected to accelerate the adoption of EVs and the advancement of charging infrastructure across the country.

Experience the ORA Good Cat up close and personal at the upcoming RHB DRIVE Premium & EV Roadshow this weekend. Discover how you can drive one home with the assistance of RHB Green Financing.

Designed specifically for electric vehicle ownership, RHB Green Financing offers a customized financial solution that sets it apart from traditional fixed rate financing options offered by other banks.

With a unique daily rest variable rate hire purchase, you can enjoy competitive interest rates. Moreover, by paying your monthly instalments earlier, you can unlock even greater savings.
But the benefits of RHB Green Financing don't end with financing alone.

As an added perk, you will also receive a complimentary one-year membership of ChargEV worth RM 240. With careful planning, this membership allows you to potentially enjoy free 'refuelling' for an entire year.

Make sure to visit the RHB DRIVE Premium & EV Roadshow from June 2nd to June 4th, 2023, at the Piazza, Pavilion Bukit Jalil, to see the ORA Good Cat up close. If you want more details, click here, or if you'd like to register for a test drive, click here.

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