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Perodua Launches GearUp Ace Bodykit For 2022 Myvi Facelift

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Perodua Launches GearUp Ace Bodykit For 2022 Myvi Facelift

Perodua has officially launched the new package of GearUp accessories for the 2022 Myvi facelift, which was leaked on a test drive unit last month. And it looks good.

Owners/buyers of the newly refreshed 3rd-generation Myvi will now have a little more customisability options for their new car with the factory-approved selection of original interior and exterior cosmetic enhancements from GearUp.

2022 Perodua Myvi - GearUp - Leak

Myvi GearUp Ace bodykit

However, Perodua has chosen to dub this particular package as the Ace bodykit, implying that multiple other packages are coming later, all of which will fall under the GearUp family. As usual, these can be purchased from any authorised dealer.

Or could you also get it from Ace Hardware?

As we’ve covered previously, most of the exterior cosmetics are concentrated at the front where the Ace bodykit essentially gives the 2022 Myvi a different face with large contrasting gloss black inserts now inhabiting an area where you might expect to find an air intake duct, located below the headlight housing.

2022 Perodua Myvi - GearUp - Ace Bodykit

This treatment also obscures the vertical daytime running lights a little, at least when the car is turned off, and there’s also a more pronounced front lip that gives the 2022 Myvi a slightly lowered look and does away with the standard car’s silver horizontal strip. 

Along the side, the Ace bodykit includes a pair of side skirts to maintain that illusion of a more hunkered down hatch - again, finished in partly gloss black.

2022 Perodua Myvi - GearUp - Ace Bodykit

At the tail end, the 2022 Myvi gets a nice little roof spoiler and a new and more pronounced rear bumper courtesy of the Ace bodykit that adds a little more perceived girth to match the aggressive fascia. Of course, no bodykit is complete without a little fake diffuser action.

Inside, the Ace kit also includes tastefully designed PVC faux-leather seat covers not unlike the ones already offered on other models but with prominent ‘Myvi’ lettering debossed (stamped down) into the centre of the backrest. The seat covers also feature red contrasting elements and stitching along with a strip material that’s meant to look like carbon fibre.

2022 Perodua Myvi - GearUp - Ace Bodykit

They actually give the cabin a sportier yet more sophisticated look compared to the two-tone bright red seats that are reserved for the Myvi AV. In fact, that’s the only variant these seat covers cannot be fitted to.

What do you think of the 2022 Myvi Ace bodykit from GearUp? Panas, ganas, or both?

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Jim Kem

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