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People Now Prefer To Drive Instead Of Taking Public Transport


People Now Prefer To Drive Instead Of Taking Public Transport

Will the roads get more congested now especially when you consider that more people prefer to drive during this COVID-19 recovery period?

I'm sure we're all pretty tired of hearing about the cause and effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is interesting to see how it has altered everyday life. 

Things such as walking freely without getting your temperature checked at every entrance now seem dystopian, but we have persevered thus far and learned to live with it, as we are a resilient and adaptable race if anything. 

One of the other things that has changed due to the current circumstances is how we view public transport. What was once a necessity is now something we approach a little more apprehensively.

According to, a survey on Malaysians, state that many of us now prefer to be in a private vehicle rather than use public transport.

"Our survey revealed that the majority would prefer to drive instead of taking public transport after the MCO has been lifted due to the on-going pandemic concerns. The intent of buying or owning a car is likely to continue as most Malaysians still need to travel for work apart from the behavioural change that has manifested in the new normal." summarised CompareHero. 

Compare Hero surveyCompareHero Survey Results

The survey gives us the impression that 51 percent of people who usually utilise the public transport system now prefer to drive after the easing of the MCO. Another aspect covered in the survey was also to understand how much Malaysians are willing to spend on a car?

  1. The majority (73%) opt to buy cars below RM120k, though there is still a size-able 27% who are looking to buy cars above RM120k.
  2. Price (73.2%) is the most important factor to decide on a new car purchase, followed by After Sales Services (56.3%), Car Performance (55.7%), Monthly Car Fuel Consumption (55.6%), Safety Feature (54.2), Interior Design (53.1), Maintenance & Resale Value (53.1), Exterior Design (47.9) & Car Size & Capacity (47.1).

According to the majority, many prefer to purchase cars under RM120k. Price factor trumps all concerns followed by aftersales and vehicle performance. It's interesting to see car size and capacity coming in last, as we always assume that many people decide what vehicle to purchase based on the size and capacity first.  

But hey, who could argue with a survey, the people have spoken!



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Adam Aubrey

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