Seven Years Left For Petrol Powered Ford Mustangs

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Seven Years Left For Petrol Powered Ford Mustangs

Say goodbye to fossil fuels, pony car.

The current-generation Ford Mustang was a pretty huge leap for the iconic pony car lineage - no, it's not a muscle car - but the next form it takes maybe even more extreme and as radical of a departure. We're talking full-electric for the seventh generation Mustang, and the fact that Ford declines to comment on these statements means it carries some weight.

Seven Years Left For Petrol Powered Ford Mustangs Mach E

Perhaps it was all part of Ford's plan with the Mustang Mach E, in an effort to either gauge public reception for an electric-powered "Mustang" or to see if they could convert fans and consumers into electric vehicle lovers. Whichever it is, it seems that the next generation of the Ford Mustang has been pushed back to 2028 - and it's to do with electric vehicle supply chains not being able to keep up with the demand.

Seven Years Left For Petrol Powered Ford Mustangs Mach E Interior

Electric cars are inevitable, and they are definitely going to be the way of the future. Unfortunately, what they gain in performance and efficiency, they lose tenfold in terms of character and aural pleasure. As we've mentioned many times before, synthetic fuels are on their way and in development - but we just hope it hits the market at a reasonable price point before we're doomed to an all-electric future.

Seven Years Left For Petrol Powered Ford Mustangs Shelby GT500

As a day to day proposition, an electric car is an absolutely wonderful idea. Pair it with fully autonomous driving features and you can sign us right up - because we have zero care for the mundane procession that is traffic and people who should have no business behind the wheel. But on a weekend, with an open stretch of road - we would without a doubt prefer to be wringing the life out of an internal combustion powered machine




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