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Subaru Teases All-New Hot STI-Treated Levorg For Tokyo Auto Salon

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Subaru Teases All-New Hot STI-Treated Levorg For Tokyo Auto Salon

For the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon scheduled for early January 2020, Subaru has teased a hotter version of the near-production-ready Levorg Prototype which was first shown at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

Dubbed the Levorg STI Sport, the warmed-up wagon is still mostly shrouded in mystery at this point, though we can expect its looks to be only mildly more aggressive than the standard Levorg Prototype, which itself is very much related to the 5th-generation Impreza. 

Naturally, it will be constructed upon the Subaru Global Platform, underpinnings it shares (or will share) with many of the Japanese automaker’s current crop of cars such as the 2nd-generation XV/Crosstrek and the aforementioned Impreza. 

Subaru previewed the next-gen Levorg while also foreshadowing a newly-developed 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine. However, the company declined to expand any further into its significance or how it aims to achieve its claimed balance of performance and improved efficiency. 

As it turns out, the Levorg STI Sport will also make use of a 1.8-litre flat turbo-four. Expect the engine to boast a significantly higher power and torque output over that of the (future) standard car, and while those specifics also remain under wraps, keep in mind that the previous Levorg was no slouch in its most potent guise. 

From the very brief teaser video, it seems the engine revs to about 6,100rpm and is aided both sonically and in terms of its breathing by an STI-specific exhaust system. Anecdotally, it does look to be an enthusiastic performer, which always a positive. If history is any guide, the engine will likely be paired to a Lineartronic CVT before power is spread between all four corners via Subaru’s Symmetric All-Wheel Drive system.

Those with a keen memory may recall the Malaysian-spec Levorg receiving a single engine, that being a 1.6-litre FB16 turbocharged flat-four with a respectable 170PS. Other markets, though, we more fortunate and were able to spec the car with a 2.0-litre FA20 with nearly 300PS. 

Clearly, this new 1.8-litre mill has much to live up to and we’ll soon see what the boys over at Subaru Tecnica International have managed to coax out of it come the Levorg STI Sport’s Tokyo debut in a couple of weeks.

Given that this is still officially a ‘prototype’, we could see a more superlative power and torque figure than what we might eventually find under the bonnet of the production model. They could indeed take this opportunity to display just how much potential this new motor is capable of.

Then again, this is Subaru and they do have a tendency to be a little more reserved than others about such things. 

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Jim Kem

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