The Settrington Cup – The Cutest Race You’ll Ever See In 2017

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The Settrington Cup – The Cutest Race You’ll Ever See In 2017

The Settrington Cup, one of the many highlights of the Goodwood Revival weekend is quite possibly the cutest race that happens all year. No less because there isn’t an internal combustion engine in sight and unlike most of the legendary motoring figures in attendance, these drivers are as miniature as the cars themselves.

The Settrington Cup takes its name after Lord March’s (founder of the Goodwood Festival of Speed) eldest son. The race is run using period correct Austin Junior 40 or J40s produced by the Longbridge Austin factory between 1949 and 1971. The Austin J40 toy car was inspired by the full-sized Austin A40 Devon model.


The production of Austin J40s was fully funded by the British government as a non-profit project to provide employment for disabled coal-miners. By the time production stopped in 1971, over 32k Austin J40s had found happy homes across the world.

The Settrington Cup is a 246-meter race, which basically ends on the starting line of the Goodwood Circuit, and begins with a classic Le Mans style start. From then on it's pedal-to-the-metal… and then again until a winner crosses the line. Unlike other categories, one can only be between the ages of six and nine to enter the hotly contestted Settrington Cup.

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