Up Close With The New Batmobile From Dawn Of Justice


Up Close With The New Batmobile From Dawn Of Justice

We’re still 11 months (let’s call it a year) away from the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which hits theatres on March 2016. We’ve seen glimpses and teasers of the new Batmobile, but this video gives us the clearest look yet. 

Batman has been around for more than 75 years and been through its share of transitions, from comic books to TV series to feature films to video games. This newest instalment sees The Caped Crusader butting heads with the Man Of Steel. It's a departure from the previous Nolan-era Batman films and now has Zack Snyder at the helm which means new actors, new writers, a new story arc, and, of course, a new Batmobile.

In the video DeAdre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers, who is said to be the biggest Batman fan in the NBA, was treated to a VIP tour of Warner Brothers Hollywood Studio’s Batman Exhibit. Only, there was a surprise in store. A big one, as you'll see. 

Being the first person apart from those involved with the production to view, touch, and even sit in the new Batmobile, DeAndre was in awe. Luckily there were cameras there to let us have a good look too. Even luckier, they weren’t at all shy about getting close to it.

DeAndre summed it up nice by saying “it’s like a tank, a car, and a plane,”
He’s right. 

PS - if you'd like to skip ahead to the Batmobile part, jump to the 1m 30sec mark. 

Footage from The Life by Bleacher Report. 

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