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VIDEO: Bare Tesla Model X Spotted With Gullwing-Door Action

Jim Kem September 28, 2015 15:04

The as-yet unreleased Model X, an all-electric crossover, is Tesla Motor’s best shot yet at getting the EV message out there as a viable alternative for the masses. Its attention-grabbing gullwing (or Falcon Wing as Tesla calls it) rear door is fully visible here, replete with self-closing goodness. 

The white Model X seen in the video is clearly a pre-production model probably driven by an employee, but you wouldn’t really guess thanks to the omission of any over the top attempts to cover up or disguise it. It looks much like any car in the parking lot would.

When it does go on sale in 2016, Tesla says it will combine the space and functionality of a seven-seat SUV but will offer performance comparable to the Model S sedan. The Model X will have four-wheel drive through an electric motor on each axle, a setup much like that found in the crazy-fast P85D.

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