VIDEO: Hear The 510hp Alfa Romeo Giulia QV’s Throaty Exhaust Note At The Nurburgring


VIDEO: Hear The 510hp Alfa Romeo Giulia QV’s Throaty Exhaust Note At The Nurburgring

So, we’ve been quelling our excitement surrounding the hot version of the new Alfa Romeo Guilia QV (Quadrifoglio Verde) very effectively. So when the rare look does come, we jump. Like this one: we see it blast around the Nurburgring and up close when it went in for a refuel. 

What’s not to like, we get to hear the throaty (raspy?) exhaust note as the test driver slings it around the Nurburgring’s corners. It reminds us of the F80 BMW M3, perhaps unsurprising since they share a similar engine set up –  twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder, although the Alfa has a V6 and the Bimmer a straight-six.

In the Nurburgring testing video, the car does seem to be attacking those corners but, curiously, the engine noise doesn’t indicate its really straining, like the driver isn’t using all of the Ferrari-developed V6’s power reserve, and the revs sound relatively low.

It’s good to see the car on the move, though, and the chassis tuning work looks to be coming along nicely. Even with the camouflage, we think it looks better out there in some ways than the Merdeces C63 AMG, Audi RS4, or BMW M3. Or at the very least, different.

On to the refuelling video. This one starts off as pretty sedate, like a normal driver pulling in at the pumps for a refuel – no doubt there are a fair few petrol stations in close proximity to the track day heaven of the Nurburgring.

We get to see the car satisfyingly up close here. And once the driver is done with refuelling and leaves, the Giulia QV’s engine does sound absolutely bewitching as it pulls away. Oddly, these two videos indicate how the car sounds better at medium speeds, where people can admire the car. Good thinking, Alfa. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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