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VIDEO: Porsche Explains Its New 2016 911 Carreras, Previews Its Turbo Flat-Six Noise

Jim Kem September 11, 2015 10:40

To say that Porsche’s move to make its flagship car, the 911, go without a naturally aspirated engine in favor of turbocharging for 2016 has been met with some mixed reactions would be accurate, if a little unenthusiastic.

The debate as to whether the car loses its characterful powertrain in this iteration versus how smaller capacity force-inducted engines are necessary for the survival of the sports car as we know them today is one for the ages.

The benefits of added horsepower and torque are welcome, 20hp and 60Nm to be exact, not to mention the 8-litres/100km claimed economy figures, but time will tell whether it was a worthwhile trade-off.

In the video below, however, Porsche very professionally explains some new changes they’ve made to the car’s aerodynamics and, of course, powertrain. All set to the backdrop of a new 2016 911 (Type 991.2) driving along a scenic, almost Martian, landscape.

Importantly, we hear the new turbo flat-six work its aural magic. But does it holds its own against a legacy of very vocally-endowed ancestors? You decide. 


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