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Watch Bryce Menzies Set The World Record Furthest Off-Road Truck Jump

Arvind September 4, 2016 14:28

As the four tyres of Bryce Menzies' Pro 2 truck touchdown, the total distance was 379.4 feet (115.6m) – a new world record for the furthest off-road truck jump. Bryce Menzies etched his name into the history books on August 27, after he jumped over an entire ghost town in the American Southwest.

The project, dubbed ‘Bryce Menzies New Frontier’, is his very own brainchild. Watch as Red Bull TV takes us behind the scenes of this amazing feat - placing us at the knife’s edge of modern truck technology, wreaking havoc amidst the antiquated backdrop of the Wild West.

Bryce Menzies New Frontier is just another step in his exploration of the realm of what’s possible in an off-road truck, having enjoyed a successful racing career, dominating races like the Mint 400 and Baja 500.

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