What's In The Name of The Bentley Bentayga

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What's In The Name of The Bentley Bentayga

It's never easy coming up with a new name, lest for a vehicle form that was never in the family tree of that brand at the first, even more so if it's an ultra luxury brand like Bentley. Nevertheless, here's a quick explanation on the name. 

The Bentayga was inspired by a rugged peak named Roque Bentayga (above) in the beautiful Canary Islands off the coasts of Morocco. With what souns like an amalgamation of 'Bentley' and 'Taiga', which is the term for the vast taiga forests that covers the entire Northern Hemisphere of both Asia, Europe and North Americas (below). 

Now that we've got the name covered, here's the Bentayga in more colors than the official pictures which is a tan color exterior with a two tone interior of tan and grey color upholstery. Which in our opinion, is rather uninspiring. Check out the lovely colours, the engine cover, and the specs sheets, while we throw the full galore of Bentley's exquisiteness in full view for you. Oh, there's a Breitling tourbillon thrown in as well. 

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