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Ducati MotoGP Rider 'Kantoi' Drunk Driving In Spain After Car Crash

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Ducati MotoGP Rider 'Kantoi' Drunk Driving In Spain After Car Crash

Ducati MotoGP factory rider, Francesco Bagnaia was caught drunk driving in Ibiza, Spain.

A number of Spanish media outlets reported that the 25-year-old Italian crashed his Citroen into a ditch after leaving a disco at 3 am.

francesco bagnaia motogp drunk driving crash spain

The local enforcement was quick to arrive at the scene and performed a breathalyser test on the MotoGP race winner. The result was 0.87mg/l, which was three times over the legal alcohol level allowed for drivers in Spain. Oof.

Fortunately, Bagnaia was the only one affected by the incident as no other person or vehicle was reported injured or damaged. Ducati has confirmed this report and Bagnaia himself went on social media to apologise and explain what happened that fateful night.

francesco bagnaia motogp drunk driving crash spain*Image credit: Periodico de Ibiza

“Last night I was in Ibiza with my friends for a part during this break from MotoGP,” Bagnaia wrote. “We celebrated and toasted together for my victory at the Dutch GP. As I was leaving the disco at 3 am, I was facing a roundabout when I ended up with the front wheels in a ditch without involving other vehicles or people.

“However, the alcohol test carried out by the police found that the blood alcohol level was higher than what is allowed by Spanish law.

“I am sorry for what happened; I am practically a non-drinker, and it was a serious carelessness that should not have happened.

“I apologise to everyone, and I can assure you that I have learned my lesson. Never get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Thank you.”

francesco bagnaia motogp drunk driving crash spain*Image credit: MotoGP

Following the incident, Bagnaia might get his driving license banned for up to four years. Fans online have also joked about the young Italian getting handed a long-lap penalty by Dorna in the upcoming British GP due to 'irresponsible driving'.

Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

Content Producer

Sep is a firm believer in the saying "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast" rather than "When in doubt, throttle it out". Drive safely, ride defensively, and most importantly, don't get hangry.

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