Frustrated Kampung Pangi Sabahans Build Own Train and Track

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Frustrated Kampung Pangi Sabahans Build Own Train and Track

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Like the residents of Kampung Pangi in Sabah, you could make your own train and track. 

Sabahans really are a resolute bunch, and this latest bit of news coming out of Kota Kinabalu really shows that rather than sit around and moan about things they instead prefer to take the bull by its horns.

After promises to build a road were never fulfilled, residents in Kampung Pangi, Sabah, came up with their own solution and created a homemade railway track to travel to Tenom, some eight kilometres away, to transport crops and purchase necessities.

Kampung Pangi self made train trackPicture credit, FMT

According to FMT, "the 500 residents of Kampung Pangi have been finding it difficult to go out to buy necessities and deliver crops because the village is not connected by road. Unfortunately, this lack of access also affects three other villages nearby, including Kampung Rayoh."

While others would have sat idly by and waited, which would not have improved their situation, these villagers have impressively created a homemade track and cart so that life may get better. Of course, it was primarily used in urgent situations whenever trains did not run, but little did they know that their creation would bear fruit even further during the now more challenging times.

The Movement Control Order or MCO 3.0 has at the moment ceased the train operation to Tenom from the village, and while this would usually be a problem, the homemade track and cart have come in handy and saved the day.

The villagers have been forced to utilise this track even more due to the FMCO, and impressively, they have evolved their cart and turned it into a motorised one.  

If that is not inspiring enough, then the story behind how the motorised carts were made will be. The motorised carts were created by a group of village youths who learned how to make them through YouTube. 

Former Kampung Pangi chief Udin Bakiwoh, said "We know this (motorcycle trolley) isn't allowed, but what else should we do if there are no roads to our village?

"Thankfully, we have this motorcycle trolley; at least we have a vehicle that helps us travel to Tenom to buy necessities and deliver crops, like bananas and rubber," he told FMT.

Udin hopes that the government will take this lack of access problem seriously as it could help the village people, especially those who could prosper even more. 

"All we ask is for a road to Tenom. This village has many successful young people – we have lecturers and police inspectors, but we are still stuck without a suitable route for vehicles.


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