Geely Recalls Over 120,000 Vehicles

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Geely Recalls Over 120,000 Vehicles

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation has issued a total of 16 recalls involving 14 car companies and 42 car models - with Geely recalling over 120,000 vehicles. 

Posted by one of China's media outlets, The Paper, this figure is a worrying one considering the fact that around 230,000 units were recalled in May and June. July's figure was significantly higher and it involved a number of major brands due to several issues.

geely boyue recall july 2022 china

Geely recalls over 120,000 vehicles

Geely posted the largest portion of vehicles getting recalled last month in China with over 120,000 vehicles involving the Emgrand GS, Emgrand GL, and 2019 Boyue.

The highest? The 2019 Geely Boyue (the 'original' Proton X70) model produced from 22 December 2019 to 29 June 2021 - 94,087 units in total. The reason? Lack of a prompt function reading "The engine compartment cover is not closed."

In other words, owners will have trouble determining whether the bonnet is fully closed and secured, which can pose a potential safety hazard while driving. The solution? Geely will install an engine cover signal switch and wire harness to remedy the situation.

byd recall china july 2022

Over 112,000 'new energy' vehicles affected

30% of the total volume of cars recalled in July involved a total of 112,421 units from different brands and a variety of issues. This includes vehicles from Ford, BYD, Kia, and even Maserati.

More than 50,000 units alone came from BYD regarding an issue that has been attended to since April - the risk of water ingress within the vehicles' power battery packs (which may cause a high-voltage system arcing or shortage). BYD is offering a free battery pack replacement if there are any identified issues related to the recall.

bmw china recall july 2022

BMW and Maserati also got?

Some of BMW's 5 Series and 7 Series PHEV models were included in the recall due to a faulty brush holder at the rear of the starter, which may lead to overheating and in extreme cases, may even catch fire. Complementary replacement of the rear starter brush holder is offered to remedy the situation.

Other notable recall issues involved the For Mustang Mach-E's powertrain and battery control software modules, Audi's turbocharger issues and fuel level sensor, and Maserati's fixing bolts of 48V batteries for its light hybrid models.

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