Make This Ramadhan A Truly Malaysian Experience At Gtower

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Make This Ramadhan A Truly Malaysian Experience At Gtower

It is no surprise that our beloved country is extensively known, for the comprehensive mélange of culinary that are influenced by the diverse cultures and ethnicities of our traditions.

Just in time for Ramadhan, the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s urban home away from home, GTower will be hosting a special Iftar buffet spread. Folks who visit this green building in the fasting month would be able to sample some of the most famous flavours of Malaysia.

We had the opportunity to sample the tastes of this gastronomic experience preview recently. Our appetizer journey started with a hint of sweetness from the standard customary Buah Kurma or dates for breaking fast to the sourness of the pickled fruits and a fusion of tanginess from the assorted selection of Kerabu as well as not forgetting the must-have salted fish and egg. Patrons would certainly find a flavour that they fancy from the wide variety of entrées to open up one’s palate, especially for our Muslim friends whom would have been abstaining from food and water the entire day.

Next on the list was everyone's favourite Sup Tulang Rawan. This dish isn't exactly a rare gem or difficult to find, as it is available in most parts of Malaysia. However, not many eateries are able to master the preparation method of this soup which usually resulted in it being too bland or containing too much pepper.

The one I had at GTower was pleasantly good and the kind that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, definitely a nod to the traditional Malay cuisine. The soup was made with the correct level of pepper and spices, while adding in a dash of fried onions just harmonizes the taste all together. I absolutely love how the soup is boiled so well that the tender meat just falls off perfectly from the bones.

It was a surprise when this writer decided to brace herself and take on the most difficult task of the night, eating vegetables. I must admit that personally I am not a fan of greens, however the Pucuk Paku Goreng Belacan wasn't as bad as I expected. The renowned belacan's spiciness did not overpower the vegetables, impressively making it too simple to chow down.

What this writer was really looking forward to try was the Ayam Bakar Dalam Buluh or Manuk Pansuh which basically translates to chicken cooked in bamboo from the menu’s main course. Considered a festival meal of the indigenous people of Sarawak, especially the Dayak tribe, this dish is usually served at the annual celebration of Gawai Dayak.

Due to its preparation method of being sealed up in a bamboo, the dish is beautifully moist evenly with the right amount of herbs and spice. The chicken is cooked well and tender on every bite, making it feels like the meat melts in one's mouth. It is no wonder that this cuisine considered a sacred cuisine only customary to be served on special occasions.

"This year, I have an idea of introducing various traditional food from 13 states of Malaysia in one place. Especially the authentic Sabah Sarawak dished. The large variety of Malaysia traditional cuisine will bring back memories of our hometown," said Chef Sherry.

Food gourmands who still have room for desserts can complete their meals by diving in the section for some tempting spread of Malaysian's favourite selection, such as the traditional Apam Balik, Kuih Muih to Raya cookies and some refreshing fruits.

For those who are interested, the Ramadhan Buffet Dinner is priced at RM98 nett for adult and RM49 nett for children and senior citizen; Petron miles card holders are further entitled to discounts of 20 percent. The dinner is held at Mezzanine Floor Gtower, Kuala Lumpur and it runs every night from June 8 to July 3 which starts at 7pm to 10pm. Patrons can call 03-2168 1919 ext 7018 or email for reservations. 

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