Porsche Taycan Beats Tesla's Record At The Nürburgring

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Porsche Taycan Beats Tesla's Record At The Nürburgring

Porsche has broken Tesla's Nürburgring record for the fastest series-production electric car thanks to its latest Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

Previously, Tesla stole the record away from Porsche back in 2021 when they posted a blistering 7 minutes and 35 seconds onboard the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Porsche, of course, wasn't too pleased, which is why they came up with a new 'performance kit' for the latest Taycan model.

7 minutes 33 seconds posted by the 2023 Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Lars Kern, who set the record for Porsche back in 2019, came back with a vengeance as well as an updated Porsche Taycan Turbo S. The 2023 model was fitted with a new 'performance kit' and Porsche's Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) to help get the job done.

And they did, with an official time of 7:33.3, the new Porsche Taycan Turbo S broke Tesla's Nürburgring record by 2.2 seconds making it the fastest production EV around the legendary circuit. And good news, you can get your hands on the performance kit. Soon.

porsche taycan turbo s 2022 nurburgring record fastest production ev

Performance kit only for the 2023 model

While Porsche did mention that the performance kit is offered through Porsche Tequipment, it is currently available only in Germany and only for the 2023 Taycan Turbo S model. Production started back in July, and it'll be available for future Taycan owners by the end of the year.

The performance kit includes a set of 21-inch RS-Spyder-design wheels with road-approved, Pirelli P Zero Corsa sports tyres as well as a Porsche 4D Chassis Control software update to work in sync with the new wheels setup. According to Lars, the performance kit allowed him to "push even harder, and the car was even more precise and agile to boot."

And future owners who plan to push the Taycan Turbo S harder and faster around the track should opt for this since the car can output a whopping 761PS when the launch control and overboost are activated.


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