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Singapore To Launch Battery Swapping Stations For Electric Scooters

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Singapore To Launch Battery Swapping Stations For Electric Scooters

Singapore's Land and Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded sandbox pilots to two companies, Gogoro and MO Batteries, to deploy battery swapping stations for electric scooters in the country.

The sandbox pilots were given to Taiwan's Gogoro and Singapore's MO Batteries to lead the charge in the electric motorcycle charging industry. Gogoro, which is highly regarded as the tech leader in the battery swapping ecosystem, has partnered up with Jardine Cycle & Carriage to operate its battery swapping infrastructure as well as the exclusive distributor of Gogoro’s electric scooters in Singapore.

gogoro battery swapping electric scooter singapore

Better sustainability for food delivery & logistics

According to Horace Luke, founder, chairman, and CEO of Gogoro, "Gogoro battery swapping provides a sustainable path for urban fleets that are safe, reliable, scalable, and always available. We are partnering with Jardine Cycle & Carriage Group to introduce this new sustainable business model for food delivery and logistics fleets in Singapore today and in other cities across the region in the future."

Gogoro's presence in Taiwan has already accounted for a quarter of all quick commerce deliveries for food deliveries and online purchases plus nearly 100% of all electric deliveries. In other words, whatever Gogoro has been doing in Taiwan seems to have worked brilliantly and they're looking to replicate that success in Singapore soon via Gogoro's range of Smartscooters, GoStation battery swap facilities, and smart batteries.

mo batteries battery swapping electric scooter singapore

12-month trial for both Gogoro & MO Batteries

Singapore's MO Batteries will partner up with SingPost and Prosegur to run its own sandbox pilot program which will include a total of six electric motorcycles, 30 swappable batteries, 14 chargers, and two battery swapping stations.

Gogoro, on the other hand, will run a slightly bigger operation with 20 electric bikes and two GoStations that'll provide 100 swappable batteries. Trials in the country will begin in the next few weeks and will run for a total of 12 months. As for Malaysia, MO Batteries have also stated that they'll enter our shores in early 2023.

Not a bad way to boost and encourage the use of electric motorcycles, eh?


Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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