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Sixth-Gen 2023 Civic Type R To Come With An Automatic Transmission

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Sixth-Gen 2023 Civic Type R To Come With An Automatic Transmission

The sixth-generation 2023 Civic Type R is set to arrive this year, and it might just break tradition by having an automatic gearbox.

Once upon a time, it was pretty unimaginable for the Subaru WRX to be equipped with an automatic transmission, but here we are today, where you can buy one with the aforementioned gearbox.

Well, it seems that the 2023 Honda Civic Type R is next up in line, as reputable Japanese website, Best Car has reported that the hot hatch is set to arrive with an optional automatic transmission. They however could not confirm whether the auto box will be a dual-clutch unit or the regular torque converter type.

Civic Type R

If this materialises, this will be the first time that the hot hatch will be equipped with an automatic transmission, citing current global trends as the main reason behind the move.

As this will probably be the last Civic Type R to be offered in Europe, the automatic transmission offering can be seen as the last hurrah to prolong the popularity of the hot hatch a little longer.

Civic Type R 2023

For now, there is no confirmation from Honda regarding this, but it has been said that the manual transmission will be the standard transmission, with the auto being optional.

Best Car also reported that the sixth-generation 2023 Civic Type R would be equipped with Honda’s best FWD engine, the 2.0-litre turbo K20C1, as seen on two previous generations of the Civic Type R (FK2 & FK8). The turbocharged engine will not have any new power figures and is expected to push out around 306 hp.


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