UMW Toyota Sold Over 52,500 Cars In 2022 (So Far)

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UMW Toyota Sold Over 52,500 Cars In 2022 (So Far)

UMW Toyota has been pushing hard on sales, registration, and delivery - delivering 6,637 units in July 2022.

A total of 6,624 brand new Toyotas and 13 Lexus models were delivered to customers across Malaysia, and that's quite a jump compared to July of last year when only 1,450 were sold at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

umw toyota sales figure july 2022

52,548 units sold from Jan-July 2022 - 48% increase from 2021

UMW Toyota's total sales figure from January to July 2022 sits at 52,548 units. That's quite a recovery from the same period in 2021 when only 35,561 units were sold and delivered. A 48% increase in total year-to-date sales figure is certainly a win in our books.

According to Ravindran K, President of UMW Toyota Motor, "UMW Toyota Motor is committed to ensuring prompt vehicle delivery. We are working around the clock to intensify production to ensure a faster delivery to new car owners who have been patiently waiting. We thank all our customers for their patience and understanding."

umw toyota sales figure july 2022

Same sales increase in Perodua

While the sales figure from Perodua (another brand under the UMW's automotive umbrella), the year-to-date sales numbers from January to July of 2022 also saw a 48% increase compared to the same period in 2021.

With booking numbers getting higher thanks to the latest Perodua Alza model launch and also the upcoming Toyota Veloz, both UMW Toyota and Perodua are working hard to ensure that they're able to deliver and fulfill all bookings in a timely manner.

Perodua, in particular, has the bigger challenge here with over 39,000 bookings received so far (9,000 alone were placed in July). With a monthly sales target of 3,000 units just for the new Alza, Perodua is confident that they're able to produce around 26,000 units every month to meet demands.


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