Wawasan 2021: Malaysia Flying Car Project Tercapai!

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Wawasan 2021: Malaysia Flying Car Project Tercapai!

It's one year late but it seems like we've always had a car that could fly in Malaysia so this Wawasan 2021, Malaysia's Flying Car Project tercapai juga! 

In a video uploaded on TikTok a few days ago, a Myvi was spotted at the edge of a slope near the Kuala Lumpur Royal Military Police Corps (PULAPOT) training centre, showcasing its flying capabilities over a divider. 

The TikTok user who captured the video said that the incident happened only 25 minutes earlier where the Myvi went up the steep bank right in front of his own eyes.

"Baru jadi 25minit td….depan mata tgk die naik atas tu,sempat pegang kete die,suruh keluar dlu…takut jatuh je…mangsa selamat xde pape…."

Watched over close to 300,000 times and liked by over 15,000 people, many commented that the national car has never failed to get itself into the most peculiar of incidents, truly earning the title King of the Road.

Despite being in the national market for 16 years, the Perodua Myvi or better known as the King of The Road often appears in the press and is still a topic of conversation throughout the country, placing it controversially as the most successful model in the Malaysian market.

Some have even gone as far as saying that you don't choose the Myvi, the Myvi chooses you, and that based on ancient rumours that have spread from the first generation to the third generation of this model, anyone sitting in the driver's seat of King Myvi no matter what generation will instantly get a personality change as if they are possessed by a speed demon. 

The third-generation Myvi has been with us since 2017 and is rumoured to be receiving a facelift in 2022.

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