What is the best two-car combination for your garage?


What is the best two-car combination for your garage?

Why the BMW 530e M Sport and the X1 sDrive20i is the perfect two-car setup.

Every household needs a couple of cars that can basically cover a family’s needs. A car that can serve as a symbol of absolute power and control whilst being green, as well as a car that plays the role of the city run-about to suit the much more leisurely and fun pace of daily needs. 

BMW has an array of cars in their arsenal to suit everyone’s needs but if you're looking for a two-car setup which can pretty much provide all the joys of the world then the combo of a BMW 530e M Sport and the X1 sDrive20i can pretty much put a smile on any family's face - and here’s why.

BMW 530e

For the Executive, a BMW 530e M Sport pretty much ticks all the boxes when it comes to using a car as a tool as well as a symbol. Nothing says boss quite like the 5-Series. Its M Sport silhouette presents sportiness and authority. It’s a car for people who have impeccable taste and is in complete control of any situation, let it be from the boardroom to the school run or simply a fast B-road jaunt on the weekends. 

BMW 530e

With a 2.0-litre engine and PHEV hybrid system that generates a combined output of 252PS and 420Nm, they’re pretty much sorted for anything that life throws at them. Even when things need a bit more effort, like just when you need to go that extra mile in life, the 530e can also provide extra power through its XtraBoost feature which temporarily raises its power output to 292PS.  

When the need for speed gets trumped by daily chores of having to go to work as well as operate as Mom or Dad’s taxi, you can rely on the 530e’s hybrid powertrain, which can move the car electrically up to 43 kilometres at speeds up to 140km/h. Why waste fuel and money doing chores when you can simply rely on clean and free energy?


On the flip side for a young family, the BMW X1 sDrive20i checks all the boxes for a city run-about, helping parents get through the tightest of car parks for that grocery run whilst having enough space to carry the groceries, luggage, or Dad’s bicycle. 

With the Parking Assistant and Automatic Tailgate readily available at all times, lugging your bags and kids along is now a whole lot easier. With close to 200hp and 280Nm of torque on tap from its 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, it is an effortless drive for both city and highway. Why drive anything else when you can have an elevated seating position that gives you the perfect view of your surroundings, while intuitive handling, supreme athleticism, and exceptional spaciousness all contribute to your joy of driving. 


And when Dad has an itch to scratch on the weekend, pop the X1 into Sports Mode and like the 530e enjoy carving a path through the backroads of Ulu Yam. 

Now that we’ve got you thinking, to take ownership of these fine machines that bit easier, BMW is currently offering Year-End Offers which makes ownership even more enticing! 

For the BMW 530e MSport

  • Price with SST Exemption is RM333,692.91, savings up to RM5,107.09.
  • From 0% interest or RM3,080 monthly.
  • Additional rebates up to RM40,000.00.
  • Now with 6+2 years PHEV Battery Extended Warranty.

For the BMW X1 sDrive20i

  • Price with SST Exemption is RM230,410.37, savings up to RM8,389.63.
  • From 2.28% interest or RM2,443 monthly.
  • Additional rebates up to RM20,000.00.

Tunggu apa lagi bro? Joy is Now so head on to your nearest BMW showroom and take advantage of these joyful deals. 


Adam Aubrey

Adam Aubrey

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