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Are you game for this?

Live Life Drive

Are you game for this?

Toys and games are just getting cooler and cooler these days. With Anki Overdrive, we know that nothing is impossible. 

Created by San Francisco based robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) company, Anki, the real-life video game racing set called Overdrive is controlled by the player's mobile devices. Just like any other racing applications, the users maneuver its Supercars with their handheld devices except this time they get to watch their car race right in front of them. 

The Supercar runs on a magnetic modular track system which is customizable to any suitable battlefields within seconds. Players can challenge family and friends in a wide choice of playable modes, if your friends aren't available then there's also an elite AI mode where you can take on the Anki Overdrivw Tournament challenge.
Apart from the track races, players can try out their skills by upgrading or tailoring their own Supercar's speed, weapons, and defenses through ingame upgrades to suit their needs.



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