CarTell Track Attack Vol. I Lights Up Sepang Circuit

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CarTell Track Attack Vol. I Lights Up Sepang Circuit

Following the Gymkhana Series success, CarTell was back at it again with a bigger and more explosive time attack event at the Sepang International Circuit this past Sunday, 4 September 2022.

70 cars ranging from supercars to heavily-modified track beasts and even a wide range of some very lovely JDMs and Continentals, the smell of burning rubbers as well as pops and bangs perfumed the night air from 8.00 pm to 1.00 am.

cartell track attack warranty smart

Supercar showdown

After the compulsory track safety briefing session, the supercars were unleashed into the track where a sea of Porches, Ferraris, Lamborghini, McLarens, and more played their spine-tingling exhaust notes all over SIC.

The fastest times were clocked by a Porsche GT3 RS, Ferrari 488, and a McLaren 720S. It was indeed a sight to behold as these beauties blasted through the back straight for all those who attended the CarTell Track Attack Vol. 1 event at the South Paddock of SIC. 

cartell track attack honda civic fk8r

Honda Civic FK8R tops the charts

The fastest car of the night and winner in its category belonged to a fiery red Honda Civic FK8R that has been specifically tuned to slay the corners of Sepang.

Clocking in the best time of the night at 2:22 left many other drivers impressed by the Civic, and those present left with a bit more respect for the FK8.

cartell track attack warranty smart

CarTell Track Attack brought to you by Warranty Smart

The main sponsor for the night's festivities was Warranty Smart, the leading extended warranty service provider in Malaysia with a presence in Thailand and Indonesia as well. Warranty Smart's aim is to make vehicle warranties effortless for everyone through fast and easy claim approvals. This in turn helps propel the second-hand car industry, reducing vehicle wastage and benefitting dealers and customers alike.

According to its representative who attended CarTell Track Attack Vol. I, Lean Saw, "Warranty Smart is actually an extended car warranty program where it caters to any cars in the market that are already out of warranty. You can go for further warranty coverage like Warranty Smart for used or recond cars, and even new cars that have exceeded their manufacturer's warranty."

When asked about what makes Warranty Smart different from any other extended warranty programs in Malaysia, the answer was simple - credibility and convenience.

cartell track attack warranty smart

"Warranty Smart is credible in the sense that we are underwritten and backed up by a reputable insurance company, P&O (Pacific & Orient). Secondly, our program is convenient because of our open-service concept where customers are free to service at their preferred workshops even after they've engaged with our warranty program."

"Only when the cars have issues, then you will have to return to any of our authorised panel workshops which are also located nationwide. We have over 180 panel workshops and we're still growing. Premiums are affordable, plans and coverages are very comprehensive, and there are a lot of plans for you to choose from," added Lean.

cartell track attack repco malaysia

Repco Malaysia made its presence known at the Track Attack

Repco Malaysia was also present at the CarTell Track Attack event where they gave away thousands of Ringgit worth of engine lubricants and goodies for those who attended the event. We're talking full-sized cans of premium engine oil just by following their social media pages, and those who did walked away with quality Repco products.

Repco Malaysia has been doing business in the country since 1976 where they specialise in world-class lubricants, engine oil formulations, as well as brake fluid and system products. The brand has made a name for itself in other countries such as China, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, and even a number of countries in Europe.

When asked about their best-selling products, Repco Malaysia's representative at CarTell Track Attack Vol. I said "Talking about the best-selling product, the Repco Turbo Diesel Plus is one of them. This fully-synthetic blend contains the CK-4 additive inside, and we've had many repeated customers since its launch. We've received many positive comments from customers saying that their cars felt more powerful and quieter after using this product. Additionally, we are also known for our DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluid range as well."

CarTell Track Attack Vol. I was also supported by our ground sponsors Wrap District and DP Tuned

So is there going to be a CarTell Track Attack Vol. II? We'll keep you posted!  

Gallery: CarTell Track Attack Photo Gallery

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