Chronicling a Design Icon, Pininfarina

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Chronicling a Design Icon, Pininfarina

For 85 years Pininfarina has gone from a coachbuilder that designed and built some of the most beautiful automotive forms for the better part of the 20th century, to an independent design firm whose portfolio stretches from architecture to industrial design, mobility, and sustainability. However diverse their design capabilities are, Pininfarina stands by their ethos of delivering a design of the highest quality, with technological expertise, functionality, innovation, with a dash of Italian elegance.

To commemorate the company’s achievements over the last 85 years, The Pininfarina Book is a compendium of Turin-based design firm’s achievements. Its collection of stunning photography that serves as a visual celebration of the firm’s history and influence, is the work of automotive photographer Günther Raupp, who has spent 30 years photographing cars for Ferrari’s official calendars, with his work gaining a cult following in the world of photography. Published by teNeues, The Pininfarina Book is priced at €98 and available for order at their online store

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