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One D-Max, Three Owners - The Isuzu Owners Stories


One D-Max, Three Owners - The Isuzu Owners Stories

You don't have to take our word for how good the D-Max is because current owners will tell you exactly why they love their Isuzu D-Max.

In Malaysia, having a pickup truck as a personal or family vehicle is beginning to become more the norm than the exception. 

With features and considerations that no longer cater just towards your fruit sellers or palm oil workers, it's no surprise that many different walks of people are considering pickup trucks.

There are obviously quite a few reasons why trucks are popular these days, but the addition of a premium sedan-like interior, as well as advanced safety features, has definitely caught the eye of buyers who otherwise would never have imagined themselves owning a pickup truck.

2022 Isuzu D-Max overview

This is especially true for those who have just purchased the all-new third-generation Isuzu D-Max, as we found out. Because of its new brutishly handsome look, soft touch and premium interior, and advanced safety features, more buyers are purchasing the D-Max to be used for work, play as well as charity.

When we spoke to 44-year-old training consultant Muhammad Arshad bin Ramankutty, he said that he loves his Isuzu D-Max X Terrain simply because it gives him access to more things in life, including the ability to help out friends and neighbours.

2022 Isuzu D-Max owner

"Coming from a vehicle history of mostly sedans and SUVs, I never thought of buying a pickup truck myself till I started seeing my friends getting them. Thank God I did cause it allowed me to do some amazing things this year."

"I looked at a few trucks, but the 3rd generation D-Max X-Terrain really caught my eye. I was almost shocked to see that the truck came with such a premium feeling soft-touch interior and advanced safety features. But, it was also like love at first sight as soon as I saw that angry bird look on the front end of the D-Max."

"I had tested a few trucks before I purchased the D-Max, but the comfort in the D-Max was just top-notch. I love the commanding view of the truck and its ride and handling, which allows me to bulldoze over any bad roads. The fuel economy is great too! I can get 800km of range in one full tank, and that's just pure city driving."

2022 Isuzu D-Max flood rescue

"All of these attributes gave me a lot of confidence in the truck, which is why one week after it rolled off the showroom floor, I took it for a flood recovery mission in Mentakab, Pahang. I managed to carry generators to those who needed them, which put a huge smile on my face."

For 43-year-old Mohd Ayob from Batu Pahat, an assistant engineer at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, not only did his D-Max allow him to join last year's flood missions, but it also gave him the ability to earn a side income.

2022 Isuzu D-Max

"I've always wanted to help those in need but never had the right vehicle for it. So two weeks after I got my X-Terrain, I went to Mentakab to help the NGOs there. The truck proved to be useful as it easily crossed muddy roads and tough obstacles."

"The D-Max has also helped me run my side business even better. I run a used cooking oil business, and while my SUV could help me transport the products, the D-Max has helped the business run more efficiently. It can carry much more as it can handle heavier loads."

2022 isuzu D-Max genting highlands

"Also, when the D-Max is not being used for work, I take my kids on long drives and once even went to KL, Cameron Highlands and back to Batu Pahat in one day. When we went up to Cameron Highlands via its twisty and tight old roads, the D-Max really did shine as it was just so smooth. The ride and handling were nice, and the kids never complained in the back. I particularly like the D-Max's air conditioning controls as it reminds me of a Mercedes-Benz AMG, haha!"

Now if you’ve seen a striking pink D-Max then meet its owner, 31-year-old Tan Yong Jie (Jim),  Fire Contractor on the weekdays and adventurer on weekends, the D-Max has been the perfect companion for Jim and his pink-themed machine and gear.

"Everything from my bike, helmet, boat, kayak, and even fishing rod is pink in colour. So I can safely say the D-Max can pull it off too, which I am pleased about."

pink isuzu d-max

"I replaced my old truck with the new 3rd generation D-Max purely because it has incredible features. The engine's response is impressive, its fuel efficiency is great, and it comes with a factory-fitted diff-lock."

"A diff-lock is very important to me as it can get me out of sticky situations on my weekend adventures. Yes, I can fit aftermarket diff-locks on any truck, but a factory fitted one should prove to be long lasting and robust."

D-Max in pink

"What also helped me with my decision to purchase the D-Max X-Terrain over other trucks is down to its luxurious interior and truck bed sliding tray. The D-Max's interior really does give you an impression that you are in a luxurious vehicle, and the sliding tray at the back has helped with work where I have had to carry many products to customers and clients."

"Coming from a guy who has previously owned small cars like the Kenari and Myvi, I don't feel the D-Max is cumbersome to drive around the city, which adds to the satisfactory ownership experience."

So as you can see and read, the all-new D-Max has many sides to it to suit different lifestyles. With over a century of expertise in creating some of the toughest and most rugged vehicles ever sold – Isuzu has combined its understanding of engineering with what the consumer wants in order to create the perfect base for a vehicle that sets the benchmark in terms of being able to do anything, that also suits the modern needs of buyers.   

Don’t take our word for it, the stories above bear testament to what an all-rounder the Isuzu D-Max is. 

Come to think of it, maybe it's time for me to get a D-Max too! Hmm…

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