Over 200,000 People Cheated Roadblocks During Raya Holidays

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Over 200,000 People Cheated Roadblocks During Raya Holidays

200,000 illegal travellers during Hari Raya makes life difficult for others now.

It seems that many individuals have abused the trust given to them by the government and PDRM just so that they can scratch the itch of 'Balik Kampung'.

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob reported that 200,000 individuals managed to bypass roadblocks to return to their hometowns during the recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays.

Ismail Sabri

According to Sabri, there were various methods used to trick the travel restriction during MCO 3.0, including forging false travel letters.

"When we implemented the inter-district and interstate travel ban, many were angry. Some even used various methods to return to their hometowns. We understand there were up to 200,000 individuals who managed to get past police roadblocks by giving various reasons," said Sabri

Not only are these people lying to themselves, but they are also risking their family and loved ones. They are also making it difficult for others who legitimately need to travel. 

Traffic jam Hari Raya

"There are cases where an individual really wants to visit a sick family member. But because the police were being extra careful due to suspicious claims, they may not get permission to travel. We may be able to cheat the police, but not COVID-19," the defence minister said.

These illegal Raya holiday travellers have also contributed to the spike in numbers, according to Sabri.

"In the end, after Hari Raya, we found many clusters, and identified cases linked to it, raya travellers. Some have even spread the virus to family members, resulting in family members dying from the virus."

In accordance with that, the government has decided to reset everything, and for those who are currently using letters from the International Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI) or employers, the approvals letters will no longer be valid from June 2, 2021.

From June 2, 2021, till further notice, those who need to travel for work-related matters will have to re-apply for new approvals from MITI. The effect of this reset has also changed the policy of allowing long-distance couples to cross state or district borders to see each other. From now on, that is no longer allowed.

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