Porsche new vehicle deliveries in the green - 221,512 units at the end of Q3

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Porsche new vehicle deliveries in the green -  221,512 units at the end of Q3

Porsche's worldwide new vehicle deliveries are in the green with a total of 221,512 units successfully delivered in the first nine months of 2022.

They've successfully closed the third quarter of the year with a slight uptick in deliveries at 2% compared to the same period recorded back in 2021 (217,198 units). It's a slight but positive gain as almost all markets showed a positive difference, apart from China and North America (and those are only at a drop of 1% and 4% respectively).

porsche sales figure q3 2022

11% rise in Europe

The highest gain was posted by the European market (excluding Germany) with an 11% increase at 42,204 units (38,030 units during the same period in 2021. Germany is not too far behind with a 9% increase, followed by the rest of the world at a 5% increase. Once they're all added up, the worldwide 2% gain is indeed a sign for celebrations.

As for the 4% drop in the North American market, Porsche has stated that it is due to logistical challenges dating back to the first quarter of 2022. The trend will most likely balance or even surpass the positive territory by year-end.

porsche sales figure q3 2022

Porsche Cayenne remains the most popular model

The SUV offerings from Porsche remain their top spots as the brand's best-selling models, particularly the Cayenne. With a total of 66,769 units delivered so far, the Cayenne is a few steps ahead of the Macan with 59,604 deliveries so far.

The Porsche 911 series has also seen a rise in popularity with a total of 30,611 units successfully delivered around the globe. That's a 9% increase and overshadows the Panamera which sits at 25,452 units. The all-electric Taycan is not too far off with 25,073 units delivered despite issues related to supply chain-related bottlenecks and declining parts availability. Last but not least, the 718 duos found 14,003 new homes in the first three quarters of the year.

porsche sales figure q3 2022

“Gone Trippin’ with the Cayenne” webseries

Speaking of the mighty and popular Cayenne, Porsche Malaysia has unveiled its latest story and webseries called "Gone Trippin’ with the Cayenne" featuring Julie Woon, Megan Tan, and Zoraya Vadillo.

While most are already quite familiar with what the Porsche Cayenne has to offer in terms of styling and performance, the webseries showcases a more lifestyle point of view via road trips, day-to-day use, or just that leisurely drive on windy roads. Watch the first "Gone Trippin’ with the Cayenne" webseries, below.


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