Hyundai Unveils EV And Hydrogen Hybrid N Performance RN22e And N Vision 74

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Hyundai Unveils EV And Hydrogen Hybrid N Performance RN22e And N Vision 74

Hyundai N unveils their RN22e and N Vision 74 concept cars, the 'rolling lab' for future cars and the upcoming IONIQ 5 N, which will be launched in 2023.

According to Hyundai, their high-performance N sub-brand is the "fastest of all performance brands today". They claim this because, in seven years, they have won four world championships, including a couple in the much coveted FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).

Hyundai N, WRC world championship

To prove that they are not all about performance internal combustion engine (I.C.E) cars, the N sub-brand has unveiled their RN22e and N Vision 74 high-performance concepts to show that they are also committed to future-focused zero-emissions technologies, starting with the beefing up of the Ioniq 5.

Hyundai Motor is planning to introduce its first electric N, the Ioniq 5 N soon, which will hit the global market in 2023. More details about the first EV N will be unveiled later, says Hyundai.

“These rolling lab projects are great assets to prepare the N’s electrification vision turning into reality, the Ioniq 5 N next year,’’ added Vice President Wartenberg of Hyundai Motor Company. 

IONIQ 5 N MalaysiaPicture credit: Kompas Otomotif

According to Hyundai, the RN22e and N Vision 74 are inspirational examples of N's electrification vision. These two 'rolling lab' concepts demonstrate Hyundai Motor's ambition to become a leader in the zero-emissions future.

Not only will they serve as a testing ground for their electrification technologies, but both cars will continue to be tested and verified by Hyundai’s engineers so that all future N road cars can be equipped with their advanced technologies.

Hyundai Motor's 'rolling labs' is a concept by Hyundai where they test and verify the company's advanced technologies to apply them to future production models.

Hyundai Rn22e and N vision 74

The RN22e is the sub-division's version of the recently unveiled Ioniq 6, while the N Vision 74 combines EV technology with a hydrogen fuel cell system, making it Hyundai N's first hydrogen hybrid vehicle.

Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Division at Hyundai Motor Company said that the “RN22e and N Vision 74 plays an important role in the strategic development of our entire product lineup, especially our electrified, high-performance vehicles. He also said that this unique approach makes them ready for the challenges of the future by empowering them to push the Korean to the limit.

RN22e  - The EV Ioniq 6 N 

Hyundai RN22e

The RN22e offers racetrack-ready performance by refining and optimizing Hyundai’s market-leading E-GMP platform. It is Hyundai N’s first rolling lab-based car built on the E-GMP architecture, which Hyundai says can help open the possibility of a high-performance EV model in the future.

The RN22e is tested to maximize N’s three performance pillars, ‘corner rascal, racetrack capabilities, and everyday sports car'. 

The RN22e elevates the corner-carving feel with inevitably heavier weight by exploring torque vectoring via a twin-clutch, and  3D printed parts to reduce weight, while N focused on cooling and braking to enhance its racetrack capabilities. 

Hyundai RN22e side profile

For an everyday sports car feel, N is developing new features, such as the emotional driving experience for its electrified models. The RN22e provides N Sound+, which generates sound from the interior and exterior speakers, for a dynamic driving feel. In addition, N e-shift integrates the vibration and shifting feel with N Sound+.

RN22e specifications:

  • Max power: 585 PS
  • Max torque: 740Nm
  • Max speed: Over 250kph
  • Battery capacity: 77.4 kWh (400-V / 800-V fast multi-charging capability)
  • Charging Time: Under 18 min (SOC 10 → 80%)

N Vision 74 - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid 

Hyundai N vision 74

The N Vision 74 is a high-performance hydrogen fuel cell hybrid rolling lab that underlines the company’s commitment to sustainable performance technologies.

Design-wise, the N Vision 74 pays homage to the Hyundai Pony Coupe concept from 1974, which was developed by the legendary car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. To be honest, we think it pays more homage to the infamous DeLorean, but nonetheless, it is a visually appealing retro-looking hybrid car.

Hyundai N Vision 74 
“N Vision 74’s future-oriented design reflects the respect and appreciation we have for the dedication and passion that went into the Pony Coupe concept,” said SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Design Center.

Hyundai’s engineers developed a hybrid structure of a battery-electric in combination with a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) system, which is placed in an all-new layout. By having a fuel cell system and battery-electric powering the N Vision 74, the cooling efficiency is improved, while the two different power sources can be used depending on different driving conditions. 

Hyundai N Vision 74

This system combo enables better torque vectoring by twin motors on the rear, allowing a precise and responsive cornering experience. Moreover, N Vision 74 explores the balance between performance and cooling with a three-channel cooling system. 

The 74 is also equipped with a driver-centric cockpit with a blend of heritage elements and modern design, such as digital cluster and analogue buttons.

N Vision 74 specifications

  • Max power: Over 680PS
  • Max torque: Over 900Nm
  • Max speed: Over 250kph
  • Battery capacity: 62.4 kWh (800-V fast multi-charging capability)
  • Hydrogen: 
    Tank capacity 4.2kg
    Fuel cell stack net 85 kW (Max 95 kW)
    Refueling time 5 mins


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