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This Fiat EV Can Charge 'Wirelessly' AND On The Go

Electric Vehicle EV

This Fiat EV Can Charge 'Wirelessly' AND On The Go

Stellantis together with its project partners have successfully demonstrated its latest tech in electric vehicle (EV) charging called the 'Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer' (DWPT). In short, this will allow electric cars to recharge their batteries wirelessly while driving on special roads.

The "Arena del Futuro" circuit has been conducting months of testing in relation to the dynamic induction wireless charging tech. Located in Chiari, Italy, the test bed involves a Fiat New 500 BEV model that has been fitted with a special 'receiver' that allows it to transfer energy from a system of coils positioned under the road's surface directly to its battery.

Self-charging EVs?

In theory, this system will allow all adapted EVs to recharge their batteries while driving, which will help in extending their range while conserving battery charge all at the same time. In other words, future EVs travelling on roads with DWPT technology won't lose any battery charge throughout the travel duration.

In testing, Stellantis has proven that the Fiat New 500 BEV was able to maintain all of its battery's energy while travelling in the "Arena del Futuro" circuit at typical highway speeds. The efficiency has been compared to a fast-charging station, which also meant that the driver didn't have to stop the car to recharge. How cool is that?

arena del futuro ev wireless charging fiat stellantis

According to Anne-Lise Richard, Head of Global e-Mobility Business Unit, Stellantis, "Working with this incredible group of partners, we have proven that inductive recharging technology can power our electrified future. These joint projects are exciting steps as we work to achieve longer battery lifespan, lower range anxiety, greater energy efficiency, smaller battery size, outstanding performance, and lower weight and cost."

Maserati is also looking to test out this high-tech circuit using their upcoming Maserati Grecale EV model, the Grecale Folgore. We might see the first-ever electrified model from Maserati in 2023 and by 2025, all of their model offerings will be electrified.

Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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